Saturday, February 16, 2008

Migration (part 6 of 8)

animal meat
contains my mind,
sperm gunk clogs nerves,
commerce barters brain
for breath.

I ate my father’s flesh
to metabolize his songs.
I planted a pine tree
in the place he died,

but no son has yet been born.


Every Friday for a total of 8 weeks I will post a section of a poem-painting cycle called “Migration.” This work is based on my experiences in New Caledonia, where in 2007 I was invited to an artist residency exploring the connections between Melanesian cultures and aboriginal tribes of southern China. Today’s selection is about contemporary cultural dispersion.

1. In some traditional Melanesian cultures, deceased are eaten by their relatives.

2. In New Caledonia, a pine tree is planted where a man dies, a ritual to bring a new son into the world.

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