Friday, February 8, 2008

Migration (part 5 of 8)

I am so violent in desire

I think my embrace
would tear you like a wound,
and bloody the waters around us.

I am shark breath,
the smell of brine and rot,
scales and skin and blood,
rows of teeth all down my throat,
one tooth for every
impulse to devour you.

I am a saw blade
struck with a hammer to sing,
I am a compass
pointing to the northern star in you
around which
galaxies revolve.


Every Friday for a total of 8 weeks I will post a section of a poem cycle called “Migration,” along with a painting of the same name.
This week’s poetry selection is a reflection on the greatest migration in human history, the movement of individuals and communities from rural-agrarian to urban-industrial environments.

Please tune in every Friday to check out this work, and visit my painting website at

Scott Ezell

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