Friday, February 15, 2008

Focus Green 2008: Call for Entries

This government award is given to manufacturers and designers for forward-looking, professional and excellent design work. The “Focus in Gold” and “Focus in Silver” design awards are highly sought after as guarantees of the highest design quality. With the "Focus” topic changing each year, the competition presents a special challenge for entrants. The competition shows who has the best-designed solutions for current trends and for the topics that are of particular interest for experts and the general public. This renowned competition can look back on a long tradition and enjoys an excellent reputation both in Germany and abroad.

Focus Green – the topic
Today, sustainable development, climate protection and the conservation of our natural resources are being discussed more and more in public debate, and are playing a crucial role in political and economic decisions. In addition, environmentally friendly ways of life are finding more and more advocates, and national and international markets are reacting to meet this demand. Moreover, as raw materials become scarcer and more expensive worldwide, energy and resource-saving measures are pivotal to companies’ economic success. This is why there is a need for design and development that illustrate and implement creative solutions and innovations for more environmentally friendly products.

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Deadline: March, 20, 2008

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