Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dr. Sketchy: Booze, Babe & Burlesque

Cabaret meets Art School

CoCA artists had the pleasure of welcoming the Dr. Sketchy Troupe yesterday to Cabana night at Shileshole to host their most ribald event of the season. Babette La Fave (also of “The Atomic Bombshells” Burlesque performance group) posed throughout the evening for an audience of 53 skilled artists armed with sketch pads, drawing pencils, watercolors, easels and paintbrushes and ready to capture her fanciful, colorful outfits and provocative poses.

Making sure we knew how many minutes the poses would be held for was the Master of Ceremonies, “Ernie Von Schmaltz”. Ernie called out the poses, entertained the audience with jokes and conducted the prize contests.

Babette opened the show adorned with a pink head-dress, diamond-like necklace, and white with pink striped corset with pink feathers strung around the sides of her waist. Her striking blond hair and bright read lipstick finished the effect while “Ernie” called out how long the pose would be held so artists would know how fast to draw.

Although there was plenty of beer and wine available to stir the creative juices, most of the artists were focused on the opportunity to draw Babette who held perfectly still in various poses and costumes throughout the evening.

Over 60 guests and members watched what has become a popular event in 38 cities around the world. Originating in New York City but landing in Seattle in May of this year, Liz Panelo, “Headmistress” of Dr. Sketchy Seattle attributes the explosive growth of the format to the “Anti-Art School” no rules format, basically artists just have fun. What’s the secret? She hires unusual models: beautiful burlesque models and bizarre circus performers all dressed in ribald outfits. For $10 bucks admission it’s the best show in town.

Dr. Sketchy holds sessions on the 3rd Monday each month normally holding meetings at the Rendezvous Theater normally attends? “Architects, Housewives, Graphic Artists”, Liz says. "Essentially, it’s open to anyone who wants to draw."

James Greer was the first among several contest winners and won a gift certificate. Will CoCA decide to hold this event again? Several of the artists felt it was a more suitable space for the group because there was better lighting and more room for easels and sketchbooks. We'll see what happens.

Want more photos? Check out CoCA's photo's of the events!

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