Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Koi are eating my thought bubbles......

Who says nothing good ever comes from a posting on Craigslist? In fact, I met the Painter John Osgood this way. John answered my Craigslist ad seeking a Painter to model for me for a photo shoot. We finally agreed to meet at his studio this Saturday. John and fellow painter, Andre Martin are exhibiting at Bherd Studios. I love John's work and think he would make a great addition to the Painting Marathon this year. I think there still are a few spots available, but they are filling fast.

I floated the idea to them of having the Painting Marathon in Pioneer Square on a first Thursday sometime-- everyone agreed it would be an amazing event. Although it's not possible to arrange for this year, 2008 is a strong possibility, so stay tuned.

Best of luck with your show, John--maybe I'll see you at the Marathon this year. I suggest you swing by to check out the exhibit: Bheard Studios is located at at 315 NW 85th Street in the Greenwood area of Seattle.

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