Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get in touch with your inner aronist

Today is one of those rare snowy days in Seattle. It very beautiful but this is a town that has no idea how to deal with snow. During my short walk today I came across no less that 6 Metro buses abandoned on the side of the road waiting for warmer weather no doubt. If the cold snowy weather is getting you down here's a great idea that can warm your spirits...

Burn out 2008/Brighten up 2009.

The Marquand Books/Mighty Tieton Bonfire!

Send items to burn in the Tieton New Year’s Bonfire!

It's been a nutty year for everyone, so let's send 2008 out in flames.

And there are some reasons for hope, cheer, and good fortune, so let's welcome 2009 with good wishes, tidings, and blessings.

Marquand Books and Mighty Tieton will mark the transition from messy old 2008 to bright and shiny 2009 with a bonfire in Tieton, Washington, on New Year’s Eve.

We invite family, friends, associates, clients, colleagues, and neighbors to participate by mailing symbolic paper or wood items for us to toss onto the flames for you.

Letters, paper dolls, photos, charms, sketches, carvings, notes, diary entries, effigies, bad poems, good poems, greeting cards, little voodoo dolls, mortgage papers, financial reports, parking tickets, expired coupons, report cards, foreclosure notices, IRA statements, campaign literature, rejection letters, love notes, résumés, collages, whatever. Any symbols that will bring better fortune for 2009.

Here's how it works:

Gather up your items. Package in a neat envelope or bundle, and seal it tight. (We won't open anything unless instructed to.) Mark your bundle "2008" if you would like it tossed on the flames before the end of the year, or "2009" if you want it tossed on once the new year has begun. Add instructions if special incantations are required. No books or musical instruments, please.

Mail to: Mighty Tieton New Year
PO Box 369
Tieton, WA 98101

Be sure to send it to arrive by Wednesday, December 31, and we will be sure your wishes are granted!

Visit for more details and to see post-fire photos.

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