Sunday, January 27, 2008

Capsule Magazine: Call for designers for 2008

Capsule is looking for product designers, fashion designers, fashion photographers and artists, for this year’s Capsule Magazine 2008. If you or someone you know creates culture, design, art, fashion, or even if you have had the opportunity to work with someone cool in these fields, send us your stuff.

Capsule is a local San Francisco based magazine focused on culture, lifestyle, and the full spectrum of the design disciplines. It reaches the greater bay area with about 15,000 – 20,000 copies. It’s a casual independent magazine published about two or three times a year, May and October are for definite.

If you have an interview piece or pics of your work, please list your direct contact, In general please make sure to send all information that you want posted with your photos, art or what ever -, i.e. your name, contact, a pic, a brief bio etc. in the mag.

Please send submissions to Deadline: MARCH 20th.

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