Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Babette La Fave Talks to CoCA

There's Nothing Sketchy about Babette

Artist’s Model, Burlesque Performer and Cabaret Dancer: sounds like you are busy. You modeled at the CoCA Dr. Sketchy event and they had you go through several wardrobe changes so the artists could practice drawing you with different outfits. You displayed several intriguing looks. Is your wardrobe from a specific era of Burlesque?

"I try to keep everything as vintage as possible. The circus outfits are basically Vaudeville 1920's and 30's, the Burlesque costumes are basically 1950's era. Go-Go outfits are from the 60's," Babette says.
What is it like having all those artists staring at you to draw you?
Babette: “I model at 4 different art schools, so having people stare at me is nothing new!”
Isn’t it difficult to hold poses for a long time? Do you have a specific training regimen to help you prepare?

“I took meditation classes which were amazing. . . I can now put myself in a sort of trance-like state where I have this ability to disconnect from my body. It helps a lot,” Babette says.

How did you like modeling at CoCA? I also noticed the production crew from Venus Flytrap Productions was filming you for a documentary, congratulations!

Babette: “The night I modeled for Dr. Sketchy's was a blast!!! I have worked with Ernie before and it's always a scream. Shilshole Bay Beach Club is gorgeous! I’m very glad that Dr. Sketchy's was finally brought to Seattle. Seattle has a HUGE Cabaret/Burlesque community, and there will never be a shortage of models that's for sure.”

When she is not modeling, she performs her New Orleans style “Bump and Grind” Burlesque show with her group “The Atomic Bombshells” under the stage name “Ivy St. Spectre”, every Sat at Columbia City Cabaret, the oldest Vaudeville Theater in Seattle, until the end of November. In fact KPLU radio called them “The New York Yankees of Burlesque” and you don’t get any better than that! She will also be dancing in a Cabaret version of “The Nutcracker” this Xmas at The Triple Door on Dec. 18th, 19th, and 20th. I am sure it will be fun.

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