Sunday, November 29, 2009

The 2009 CoCA Art Marathon and Auction

CoCA will hold its 17th annual Art Marathon and Auction December 4 and 5 at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center, on 4272 Fremont Ave N. CoCA pioneered the concept of the 'endurance' art event beginning in 1992 and has gradually opened the Marathon to include a variety of media in addition to the usual painting. The event remains the region's only 24-hour extravaganza, a spectacle that over the years has come to define CoCA's edgy mix of emerging and established artists.

For 24 hours, from 9am Friday to 9am Saturday, 20 artists are locked in a room with nothing but their art supplies. Sure, we bring in a trough of gruel and a barrel of grog every so often, but the art is what it's all about. Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Hot Waxing (Encaustic), Photographing, Video-Taping, Versifying, Editing, and who knows what for sure. Over 100 works of art will be spontaneously created, with some of the artists engaging in impromptu collaborations and improvisations with each other's materials. Proceeds are split between the artists and CoCA.

The 2009 lineup features artists...

Marc Lindsay, mixed-media, Patti Bowman, encaustic, Seb Barnett, mixed-media, Geoff Garza, mixed media collage, Lorna Nakell, painting, Wesley Wozniak, painting, Irene Wood, painting, Pedro Valdivia, painting, Aaron Haba, sculpture, Thomas Hurley III, painting, Miguel Edwards, painting, Waldo Vega, painting, Zak Alexander, painting, David Francis, mixed media, Craig Vandenbosch, Adam Spencer, Derin Smith, Jill Levine, and William Brody.

You, too, can be a part of this pandemonium. Come down to the Fremont Abbey on Friday and watch the artists make art. Then come back at 6pm on Saturday night and buy it at three silent auctions followed by a live auction.. It's that simple. We'll give you some gruel too, although you'll have to buy the grog from us (it IS a fund-raiser, after all). Tickets are $10 for the Saturday portion; Friday’s 24 hour insanity is, of course, free of charge; for more information, see

Preparing to enter its 30th year, CoCA serves as a catalyst and forum for the advancement, development and understanding of contemporary art.

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