Friday, April 24, 2009

I know its easy to hate them but sometimes a lawyer is a good thing...

Hello creative artists!

Here's a little contest for you. I have joined the board of directors of Washington Lawyers for the Arts. They helped me out once and do much amazing good work for artists of every ilk. Check out for more info.

A topic at my first meeting was the naming of their new newsletter. Some ideas were tossed around, but none of them really stood out, so I thought I would set the challenge before the community we are serving. The name will be used for the newsletter letterhead each month and if we use your idea, you win
  • 2 reserved seats to the June 20 Columbia City Cabaret including 1 (one) drink each and chocolate at your table.
The name needs to start with the business name i.e. The Washington Lawyers For The Arts________ (fill in the blank). Something fun or even a bit quirky to disspell the notion of the usual stuffy lawyer stereotype.

Email your ideas to me here by May 5th and I'll let you know what the board decides at the next meeting.

Also! We are interested in profiling artists in this newsletter. If you have had a positive outcome or experience with the WLA we would love to feature your story and a profile of your work. Contact me if you have a story for us and please pass this E-mail around.

Thank you for your time!

Tamara the Trapeze Lady

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