Friday, February 20, 2009

TEA PARTY magazine: Call for submissions

TEA PARTY magazine ( seeks submissions of fiction, poetry, photography, visual art, comics, interviews, and feature articles for its upcoming issue #18, to be published in June 2009. Our theme for Issue #18 is THE FREE ISSUE. What does FREE mean to you? How does FREE speak to our investment as individuals and as communities, and what meaning does remain FREE in our society at this particular point in history? What isn’t FREE but should be? What do you give away and what’s been given to you? What would you like to be FREE of? What’s considered FREE to the public? How do you spend your FREE time? Send us your FREE verse poems (we encourage you to defend the use of free verse).

Send us your free-form writing (and explain how white space is being used). Send us your free-space art and writing (and detail if art can exist in its own space devoid of other considerations). Send us your art made from found, FREE objects. Send us your unique photos that include the word FREE in them. We welcome other ways you can think of to relate to this theme. Surprise us!

Email works to by Friday, March 20th, 2009.

Be sure to include “FREE SUBMISSION” in your subject heading.

More information and Submission Guidelines

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