Friday, September 12, 2008

Dorkbot Burning Man Art Event

On the 10th at 911 media arts there was a Dorkbot Discussion about Dorky Burning Man Art. At Burning Man there's no shortage of wonderfully nerdy art. Seeing a lot of it collected in one discussion was great because no matter how much time you spend wandering around the playa spectating you can never see all there is to see. The event had a slideshowish/videoish presentation that showed a number of artworks that were there, highlighting some of the more techy art.

This was followed by a local artist Tanjent, giving a talk about the amazing art project he brought there. He brought a 7 foot wide spherical orb that he calls "Applecore" to Burning Man this year. I actually saw it out on the playa, and watched it for a while, it was quite nice. It has a projector inside the base the projects into a reflector and reflects beautiful patterned images onto the circumference of the orb. It was interesting to see the face and process behind one of the artworks in a context where the art could be discussed instead of in the whirlwind of experiences out there in the desert. A couple links to images and videos that show Applecore and how it was made are below:

After this a couple interviews from's TV Free Burning Man were shown. Aside from some little bandwidth issues these were really interesting. I've included the links below.

And for a ton more well done videos visit the TV Free Burning Man home:

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