Saturday, March 22, 2008

Song Fight West Coast Tour Comes To Seattle

Song Fight, the weekly internet songwriting competition, has announced a revolving tour of West Coast SongFight! Artists that will work its way up the West Coast, playing shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and other cities along the way. The Seattle show will take place on Saturday, April 5, at Finn MacCool’s, an Irish Public House in Seattle’s University District (4217 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98105). The show will get underway at 8:00, and there is no cover. Performing artists include Octothorpe (Seattle), Primitive Screwheads (Portland), Mico Saudad (Seattle), Sockpuppet (San Francisco), and Glenn and Rachael (Spokane).

Made up from a revolving cast of artists that regularly contribute online, the Song Fight West Coast Tour will feature at least 14 different acts taking part in 7 shows across the Western United States, with each show featuring a different set of Songfight! artists and bands each night, as new bands join the tour, and others drop out.

For additional information on Song Fight, contact Ray C. Freeman III or visit

ABOUT SONGFIGHT! is an online songwriting competition a weekly online songwriting competition and an international community of musicians working together to create music and an online resource for musicians everywhere. Song Fight revitalizes creativity by providing structure and restriction. Song Fight is all-inclusive. Song Fight has no ads and is not for making money. June will be the 8th anniversary of the first songfight. The Song Fight archive contains about 8,150 songs. It would take more than 11 days play them all. Song Fight has been mentioned in popular magazines: Spin, Paste, Blender. Song Fight is connected to popular people and memes on the Internet:
MC Frontalot, Brad Sucks, Spinto Band, G4 Television, Achewood, Cat & Girl, MC Hawking, Penny Arcade.

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