Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Buying a Painting at a Gallery

Dino Martini, former President of CoCA and
Director Of Gallery IMA
Gives his Advice on Buying a Painting at an Art Gallery

1. What steps would you recommend a person take who wants to start their own collection of paintings?

"Well, just start buying! Purchase because you like it, purchase because it evokes something within you. Art is very personal--don't be shy or compromise your own preferences for what you like because of others."

2. Do most galleries (like yours) mainly focus on a single theme, or do they usually rotate the styles, topics, etc., at different times?

"I guess if any gallery had a single theme, it would be allowing your artists to express themselves. Exhibitions change and can have various concepts or themes, especially when using outside guest curators. They usually explore and express a part of each artists' life, whether in a solo or group exhibition. All serious galleries have a certain style they represent, such as Abstract, Realism, Impressionism, Pop, etc."

3. How do you choose which artists to carry?

"Choosing which artists to represent hinges on quite a few factors. I guess in short, you need to believe in what they are doing and make sure you are behind them for support. It's often a long term relationship that needs to be fruitful on both ends."

4. How do you recommend novice buyers get the most out of your expertise at the gallery?

"I would say to attend exhibition openings, get on the mailing lists and do a little research on the gallery and the artists."

5. What would you say are the top 3 pieces of advice you can give prospective buyers who visit your gallery or any gallery for that matter?

"Define what you like and your interest
Research the artists and galleries
Get out your checkbook!"

Thanks for your help, Mr. Martini!

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