Friday, September 14, 2007

Late night offerings in Georgetown

I finally got to see inside the Belltown Gallery space last Friday during the artist reception for John Schun. It’s a very unusual space to say the least. John’s work is perfect for that space. I’ve posted some pics from the reception on our new Flickr site. Hopefully the photos will help you appreciate that the Belltown Gallery is a twilight light gallery, it’s best viewed after dark.

Sorry, there’s not that many pics up on the Flickr site just yet but stay tuned, CoCA has events planned for each month for the rest of the 2007. Plenty of opportunity for taking more photos. Rumor has it we’ll be hosting a Halloween party.
Photo:Belltown Curator, Ray Freeman

The Georgetown Arts Center

After the artists reception Brian and I headed south to check out the Georgetown Art Center. It’s a great space, a former dance hall complete with kitchen & bar. We ran into Angielena Chamberlain, director of the Georgetown Art Center. She’s a great host not to mention talented artist. There are studio spaces still available if you’re interested. The Georgetown Art Center is located at 5511 ½ Airport Way S, right above Stellar Pizza (206) 851-1538

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